Harbour House founder Curt Engle has long enjoyed serving good food to great friends.

Frustrated by the confines on a 9 to 5 engineering job, Curt looked for a way to combine his love of fishing, boating and enjoying old friendships, into a career/lifestyle that gave him purpose – all while giving back to the community.

Though he lived less than two hours from Chesapeake Bay, he found himself searching the streets for the fresh taste of Maryland crabs he enjoyed when boating.

It was then the idea of Harbour House Crabs was born!

Using the proceeds from the sale of his boat, Curt opened his first store.

He has developed a successful business built on sound principles – quality products and unparalleled service.

His hope is to make a “bushel of crabs” the next great American meal.

With more and more Americans realizing the need to eat better, healthier food, Harbour House Crabs is proving that eating right can be the best tasting decision ever.